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Geometric structures related to Hermitian and almost Hermitian manifolds - May 17-20, 2016

The workshop is organized by the DFG funded Research Training Group 1463 "Analysis, Geometry and String Theory" jointly with the Institute of Differential Geometry of Leibniz University Hanover and its idea is to bring together young mathematicians and senior experts in the field.

The program of the workshop includes two four-hour minicourses together with the contribution of several research talks.

Download conference poster (850KB, A4 size).


Roger Bielawski (Leibniz University Hanover)
David Petrecca (Leibniz University Hanover)
Markus Röser (Leibniz University Hanover)
Lars Schäfer (Leibniz University Hanover)


Confirmed Speakers

Slides of the lectures can be found here.

Mini Courses

Vicente Cortés (University of Hamburg) "Constructions of Quaternionic Kähler Manifolds"

Simon Salamon (King's College London) "Almost Hermitian Metrics and Twistor Spaces"


Research Talks

Daniele Angella (University of Florence)
Giovanni Bazzoni (Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich)
Thomas Bruun Madsen (University of Aarhus)
Liana David (Stoilow Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy)
Ana Cristina Ferreira (University of Minho)
Marco Freibert (Christian-Albrechts University Kiel)
Alexandra Otiman (University of Bucharest)
Mihaela Pilca (University of Regensburg)

Supporting Institutions

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